Property Maintenance

Facilities MaintenanceHalligan Commercial Services believes that preventative and quick response maintenance programs will enhance clients’ productivity and ultimately keep building components working for as long as possible.

From self-performance to subcontracting, we cover all ongoing maintenance operations and help protect the life of the building systems in commercial facilities.

Electrical and Lighting Solutions

Electrical & Lighting Solutions

Halligan Commercial Services provides electrical and lighting solutions to commercial businesses and residential homes. Our goal is to install the correct systems allowing a property to operate energy-efficient, cost-effective and be visually appealing.

Our technical experts deliver a comprehensive service that utilizes preventative maintenance solutions and guarantees performance for all property types.

HVAC and Mechanical Services

HVAC & Mechanical Services

Halligan Commercial Services integrates a wide variety of HVAC and Mechanical services to building systems ultimately helping owners reduce operating costs and improve equipment reliability.

Our skilled professionals study mechanical systems and provide a comprehensive plan that will increase energy efficiency and sustain the comfort and indoor air quality that will benefit our clients’ facility.

Commercial Cleaning

Commercial Cleaning

At Halligan Commercial Services we have designed a commercial cleaning system to meet the needs of property management firms, facility managers and building owners. Our team has been highly trained from floor to ceiling in quality performance and attention to detail giving your facility an immaculate finish.

Our excellent reputation is built on the fact that our trusted employees truly care about the appearance of your business.

Cabling Consulting and Installation

Cabling Consulting & Installation

The core of all businesses rely on a suitable network infrastructure. Halligan Commercial Services has the technical knowledge and installation experience to complete all communication and structured cable installations.

Additionally, Halligan has RCDD, BICSI certified Installers and Technicians for all your cabling design and installation needs.

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